Supported Digital Camera for SanDisk Recovery

Today, there is different experience of watching movies, videos. Apart from SD video, the world has moved to HD video that gives breathtaking picture quality at perfect aspect ratio. High Definition videos are now the most popular videos due to enhancement in multimedia players. You can watch HD videos on several devices that includes iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad, Tablet PC, HD compatible LCD/LED TV, Apple TV etc. However SD videos still widely being used in multimedia players. There are several video formats which are supported for specific devices. You can retrieve entire videos from digital camera. If you loose any video then you can easily recover them with the help of SanDisk Recovery software.

Most popular video formats:

  • MOV video: This is the video file format that was specifically designed to watch on Apple's multimedia devices. In order to play .mov video file, you will need QuickTime. However there are several multimedia applications who also developed feature to play .mov videos. With the help of this application, you can restore deleted photos in hassle free way.
  • MP4 Video: This is the abbriviation of MPEG-4 which is mostly used for Sony's PlayStation Portable and Apple's iPod.
  • M4V Video: M4V is one of the most popular video format. Such video format is supported for iPods and PSP.
  • 3GP Videos: 3GP file format is the most common and popular for mobile phones. Most of the multimedia device support 3GP video file format.
  • AVI Videos: Such video file format is quit popular in many cellphones and smartphones.
  • FLV Videos: Flash video is one of the best known video format over internet. Some of the multimedia device also supports flv file format.
  • WMV Video: It stands for Windows Media Video. It is popular video file format for Windows computers.


SanDisk Recovery software supports all the above mentioned video formats. Apart from those, it also supports many other video formats such as ASF, AVCHD, GIF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Matroska (MKV), SWF, M1V, M2V, MPEG etc. If you loose any of your video from your SanDisk memory card, computer's hard drive, USB Flash Drive etc, then you can easily recover with SanDisk Recovery software.


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