Supported Digital Camera for SanDisk Recovery

Digital photos have several file formats. All the digital pictures file formats have different quality and supporting device. Some of the digital camera captures and save images in raw image format. Raw image file is intermediary file format which can only be accessed by the proprietary devices and software. But don't worry whether you are using advanced digital camera or your smartphone to capture images. You can easily restore deleted pictures using Sandisk recovery software.

Take a look on some major and common image file formats supported by SanDisk Recovery:

  • JPG/JPEG: Most of the digital camera uses JPG/JPEG file format to save digital images in its memory. This is the most common image formats. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group. It can be used with web browser, documents, PDF documents.
  • TIFF/TIF: It stands for Tagged Image File Format is a flexible format. Such images can be lossy or lossless.
  • PNG: PNG is one of the common image file format which can be used with web browser to build web pages including photos. It is referred to as Portable Network Graphics.
  • GIF: It is one of the popular picture file format that can be used to produce still image file or animated image file. It stands for Graphics Interchange format.


SanDisk Recovery software also supports several raw image formats which is used with advanced and professional digital camera. The common and most popular raw image file formats includes .nef, .cr2, .nrw, .pef, .obm, .kdc, .x3f etc. If you are using professional digital camera that saves images as raw image file then you can easily recover them with SanDisk Recovery. It also restore corrupted videos from Sandisk card.

Apart from such image file formats, it also supports some other digital photo formats that includes BMP, PGF, XCF, PSP, PNG and so on. So don't worry, just download SanDisk Recovery software and recover all your lost images. The tool also retrieve lost pictures from multiple digital camera brands.


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