How to remove the write protection from memory cards

Sometimes you will get the error when you are trying to copy files and folders on your memory cards from computer and vice versa. This problem occurs when the memory card has write protected that means you can't be modified or changes the data that are available in the protected memory card. It is must to remove the protection from the card to backup the files but question is that, how is this possible ? Don't worry, it is possible to remove the write protection from the media cards, but it is very risky because you may lose your data during fix.


Process to remove write protection

You have to format the card from disk management if you want to remove the write protection, this is only a single option for you, so follow these steps and apply to protected card to fix this issue.

  • Insert the storage card on the computer and then go to My computer and then click on Manage option that is available on the Top tab in windows 7 or upper version. Now click on Disk Management from the left menu. If you are using windows xp or relevant version, then use the control panel to open disk management window.
  • In the Disk Management window right click on the protected storage device and then click on format and click on OK.
  • After formatting the memory card the write protection automatically removed.

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