Memory card not formatted error occurred

These types of error occurred, when the memory card damage or corrupted. When you insert the memory card into your computer and try to open it, then it shows the “The disk in drive not formatted, do you want format it now” error message with a dangerous sound. If you click on yes button to format the drive then the format process become failed. The all data that are available in the storage will lost due to this error and memory card also don't work, so this is necessary to repair the memory card and recover the deleted or damage data.


Format Memory card by using commands

If the storage device not be formatted through the GUI (Graphical user interface) then you can use CUI (Character user interface) mode that means command prompt to format it. Press Windows + R key from the keyboard, it opens the run windows, then type cmd here and press enter. You will see a black screen will be open, this is command prompt. In the command prompt you have to type format drive path:/q and then press enter. It formates the memory card quickly with default file system. Now close the command prompt and then try to open the disk drive. You will not get any format error during open the storage media.

Awards Won by Photo Recovery Software

After formatting the storage card all data has deleted, so it is possible to recover the deleted data with the help of photo recovery software. This tool allows the user to recover all types of delete, damage, locked, encrypted, corrupted, etc data. There are so many features of photo recover software, in which data selection is the unique feature that makes this tool different. If all data are not important to recover then you can choose only important data and recover it, it saves the time. The memory card photo recovery tool supports all data formats to recover.