Getting Memory card insert disk error

If you are facing the insert disk error with your memory card when you are trying to open the drive then, you should fix this problem as soon as possible. When you insert the memory card into the computer and try to open the drive then you will get the insert disk error with the drive and it will not be open. This error can occur due to many causes as for example it may be the fault of memory card reader or adaptor. Some times it not works properly and generates these types of issue.


If you are using memory card adaptor then check it is locked or not, if locked then unlock it and try to open the drive, because adapter provide the facility to lock and unlock the memory card for security. If the adaptor will be locked then it doesn't shows the files and folders that are available in the memory card and generates insert disk error. If these are not the reason and you are getting insert disk error then you have to format the disk by using the disk utility program.

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Click on start button and then open control panel after that click on system maintenance and then click on administrative tools, here click on administrative tools to open it. It opens the computer management window in which you have to click on the Disk Management that is available in the Navigation pane. Here right click on the drive volume that you want to repair and then click on format to format the drive.

After formatting the drive you will not face the insert disk error with your storage card, if you want to recover all the delete data from the storage device then you have to use any data recovery tool. The photo recovery tool is one of the best tool in which so many features are available and it is perfect to repair all types of data in all format.