Files not shown in the Memory card

When you insert the memory card on your PC, and the files are not shown on the drive, then it is very critical moment, because you may lost your data in this issue. Some times this error occurs when the files are hidden but some times due to damage of memory card or data is the reason of file not shown error. Don't format your memory card first of all check the files are hidden or not. To check it follow these steps on your computer.


  • Go to start menu on windows based computer and then click on run to open the run window. You can also press Windows + R key to open run window.
  • In the run window type cmd and then press enter or click OK to execute it. You will see the command prompt window will be open.
  • In the command prompt type -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* where g is the letter path of your memory card so you can change it as your external storage device letter path name.
  • Now you will have to press enter after typing the command. When the command will execute then check the files on your Memory card.

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