GoPro Recovery From Sandisk Card : Get Your Lost Files Back Easily

In this digital era, photography has been practiced widely to freeze extraordinary moment and to fulfill lots of advance camera or camcorder is available. Since past decades sports have been very popular and to capture those thrilling and action there is nothing better than GoPro Camcorder. It equipped with advanced features which capture outstanding footage even the object is moving fast. Similar to other camcorders it also require external memory card to store its data. When it comes to SD card then how can we forget Sandisk whose memory card is widely used in different digital devices. But same as other storage device data loss is a common issue on Sandisk card. There are many user who come across data loss situation and searching for the solution about GoPro recovery from Sandisk card.


All the recorded video and audio of GoPro Camcorder are saved in mp4 format. By using these high quality camcorders we record such moment which boost up adrenaline. No one wants to delete or lose such special moment because they are not going to come again. As we know media stored on external SD card whether it is Sandisk or other is highly exposed to data loss. There are several cases where user encounter data loss from GoPro camera which is stored on Sandisk card. Losing a single file is also heartbreaking but unfortunately we have to face this. So before we proceed toward GoPro recovery from Sandisk card it is necessary to point out some other reason which can cause data loss on GoPro Sandisk card.

Reasons That Lead To Data Loss From Sandisk Card On GoPro

Tips To Avoid Data Loss From Sandisk Card On GoPro

General Fixes To Restore Deleted Or Lost Data From Computer

Top Rated Software For GoPro Recovery From Sandisk Card

Reasons That Lead To Data Loss From Sandisk Card On GoPro

Instead of advance features and functionality videos and pictures stored on GoPro are prone to lost or erased. Most of the user have to search for GoPro recovery from Sandisk card under the below listed factors:

  • Format error : Sometime when you connect your memory card to system it display Format error. In such situation there is no other option than formatting the card which sweep out all the data.
  • Unintentional deletion : Erasing files mistakenly from GoPro memory card when connected to computer or pressing Delete all button while previewing the captured videos.
  • Mishandling memory card : Switching of the camera during file transfer, ejecting the card during read or write process will result in sever data loss.
  • Corruption of card : Attack of dangerous virus or malware is a big reason behind corruption of Sandisk memory cards. After the corruption user can't access data stored on the card.
  • Sudden system shutdown : Sudden shutdown of system due to power-cut or other reason while the SD card is still in use will also lead to lost of your important mp4 files.

Tips To Avoid Data Loss From Sandisk Card On GoPro

Disaster like data loss can happen anytime without any notification. You can lose your crucial data anytime from your memory card. But by following below-mentioned tips you can avoid data loss issue. Have a look :

  1. Create a backup of your important files which will help you during data loss
  2. Always remove your SD card using the Eject option only
  3. Refrain from storing any infected multimedia or other file in your card
  4. Avoid removing the memory card from your GoPro camera when it is in use
  5. Leave some extra space on your memory card to prevent storage space full issue
  6. Cross check your memory card for crucial data before formating it

General Fixes To Restore Deleted Or Lost Data From Computer

If you are also suffering from data loss issue then you can try these manual fixes for GoPro recovery from Sandisk card. However there is no guarantee of data recovery and it should be better to go for some recovery software.

  • Check your recycle bin or trash can. Files deleted from your system get stored in these folders and if you have not emptied these folder then you can restore them.
  • Try to restore your files from the built-in backup of your system. If you have used Time machine (Mac) or File history (Windows) to backup your data then you can use the backup to restore the files.
  • Some programs keep recovery version of data which you accidentally deleted while editing or shutdown the computer. When you open such program then you will get the option of restore.

If you are unable to do GoPro recovery from Sandisk card using the above manual fixes then don't be sad. In this technology era almost everything is possible and with the help of some third party recovery program you can recover your deleted videos or pictures from GoPro camcorders. There are number of recovery software present in market but here you will get best among them. These software will help you to bring back your unforgettable moment which go missing from GoPro camcorders.

Top Rated Software For GoPro Recovery From Sandisk Card

Software  Ratings Size Download
Stellar Photo Recovery 12.1 MB
Remo Photo Recovery  6.60 MB
Wondershare Photo Recovery 6.87 MB


1.) Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a extensive software which is a complete solution for GoPro recovery from Sandisk card. We use to capture our precious and memorable moment using GoPro camcorders but they get lost or deleted at any moment of time. But now you don't have to worry anymore because Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is here to get back all your important multimedia files. No matter where you have stored the pictures and in which situation they become inaccessible, by using its advance algorithm this software will retrieve them. It complete scan the focused drive and recover deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted data. The software comes with simple interface which make it easy to use even for inexperienced. Go for this software if you want your data back safely.

Key Features Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Recover deleted or lost multimedia from GoPro SD card quickly and safely
  • Supports recovery of MP4 as well as other video or photo file formats
  • Retrieve data from corrupted or formatted storage device
  • Perform quick scan and preview list of the recovered files
  • Compatible with latest version of Mac and Windows OS

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Consumes little RAM Not found yet
Supports all video formats  
Option to pause & resume   

User's Review

"Last weekend I went for a tour where I have captures number of amazing videos and pictures of horse riding, swimming etc. But unfortunately when I was moving those files from camera to PC the transfer process interrupt and all the files go missing. I was shocked but thanks to this software it rescue all my unforgettable moments".- Dolph harry


"Losing your favorite pictures or videos is always painful and sadly I also suffer from it. Last night I accidentally delete some of my multimedia files which I have downloaded from Internet. Those were very rare files but I am fortunate that I get this software. It bring back all my data and it was an amazing experience".- Henry Wright




2.) Remo Photo Recovery Software


Remo Photo Recovery is another amazing software which has the capability to recover deleted or lost GoPro video files. User can lose their cherish moment at any point of time but this software is designed to help such user who desperately want their data back. Pictures or video captured from GoPro or any other digital camera are very precious and their loss is heartbreaking. But now your files are not going to be inaccessible anymore because this software will recover them easily. Because of its enhanced recovery features it is able to handle any data loss situation and recover data from any internal or external storage device. It can be an option for you to get back your pictures or videos back.

Key Features Of Remo Photo Recovery Software

  • Recover all your lost, deleted formatted pictures and videos safely
  • Supports recovery all the popular digital camera and camcorders
  • Retrieve data from flash memory cards, hard drive, USB external etc
  • Provide a clear preview of all the multimedia files prior saving
  • Compatible with both Windows as well as Mac computers

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Supports different multimedia file format Take more time to scan large drive
Simple user interface and easy to use Take more space on the hard disk
Tackle all data loss situations Sometime misbehave and become slow

User's Review

"Being a professional photographer my computer is full of images and to free up some space I have to remove some unwanted one time to time. But during this process I accidentally select more than 100 pictures and delete them at once. But I am thankful to Remo because it recovered all those pictures.".- Markus Sally


"I want to say thanks to this software for making my day. Last night I formatted my SD card accidentally and later I thought that I also erased my important videos. Recovery seems impossible because there was no backup. But fortunately I get this software and it bring back those videos. Thanks once again.."- Andre Scott




3.) Wondershare Photo Recovery


Wondershare Photo Recovery is a reliable software which is specialized in recovery of deleted or lost multimedia files. The utility is designed by professionals that make your pictures and videos accessible again which become inaccessible in data loss crisis. Using the GoPro camera one can shoot outstanding motion videos and we can't afford to lose them. But after taking precaution data loss happen and if you also suffering then this software is here to help you. Its amazing recovery algorithm will bring back those files which seems impossible to recover. The software can be easily used by any person because it has a simple user interface.

Key Features Of Wondershare Photo Recovery

  • Easily recover all your deleted or lost multimedia from GoPro
  • Safely recovers every file without modifying its original content
  • Retrieve data from all kind of internal or external media
  • User's can see the preview of every file before saving them
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Safe and fast scan Make other software slow
Recovers different file types Sometime get freeze
Supports all external drive Some features fails to work

User's Review

"I've deleted some important multimedia files few month ago. I was very tensed but thanks to the software which help me to recover all those files. It works like magic and i world like to rate it five stars".- Anna Tiffiny


"Useful & simple!! Accidentally deleted pictures of my friend wedding which means a lot for me. Finally my brother recommend this software and it really amaze me. It retrieve all those pictures and want to recommend this software"- Steven Clark




4.) Pandora Photo Recovery


Pandora Photo Recovery is the last software in our list which effectively recovers deleted multimedia files from GoPro memory card. It is a free of cost software which aids in recovering images and videos from most of the media devices such as pen drive, MMC, SD card, hard drive and more. It is an amazing tool which help user in finding deleted pictures or videos and also provide thumbnail and other details of the deleted file. This way it become easy to find specific file and save your time. It provide an user-friendly interface, while its powered design not interfere with the files data during the recovery process.

Key Features Of Pandora Photo Recovery

  • Supports recovery from Sandisk memory card and other storage device
  • Comes with an improved scanning algorithm
  • Facilitate recovery of deleted, lost or formatted data
  • Provide preview of the recovered data before restoration
  • Easy to use interface provide hassle free recovery

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Provide different recovery mode Supports only few OS
Supports wide range of image format Take more space on the hard disk
Simple and attracting user interface Incompatible with some file types

User's Review

"This software is really life saving. I lost some pictures due to sudden shutdown of system and those pictures were really important for me. If the software not helped me then it should be a big lost for me. Now i am satisfied because i can access those images again".- Tim Prior


"If someone has lost their pictures and looking for solution then i would recommend them this software. I tried it personally and fully satisfied with it. It recover all my pictures which become inaccessible at some point of time"- Patti Cruse


Download Pandora Photo Recovery



The software listed here are capable of recovering files from GoPro Sandisk card. All the software were tested by expert on the basis of performance, time taken, reliability, compatibility, safety and more. All the software were amazing but we would like to recommend Stellar photo recovery software. This software is very popular and trustworthy which has rescue data from such situation where user lose the hope. It stands on every quality which a recovery software must have. The recovery rate, user interface, flawlessness and data security of this software stand it top from other one. There is 100% chance that you will get back your files back after using Stellar photo recovery software.


On other hand it also provide some useful features which make recovery easy and also save your precious time. It allow users to pause scan or recovery process at anytime and restart again. Because of its read only feature it doesn't make any alteration in the recovered data. Using this program become easy because of its simple interface. Beside that there are some extraordinary features of this software which make it best from rest such as :

  • Provide option for selective recovery to ease the recovery process
  • Supports recovery of UNICODE files which you can't find in other software
  • Add or edit header option will help you if you don't know the file format
  • Compatible with the FAT32, NTFS and ExFAT file systems
  • Allow user's to customize the preview of recovered photos

User Guide For Stellar Photo Recovery Software

For Windows

  • Step 1: Run the software and click on Recover Photo, Audio & Video

  • Step 2: Select the desired drives to let the software start scan

  • Step 3: You can choose selective file format from Advanced settings, click Scan Now.

  • Step 4: Software start searching for lost files & you can see progress report

  • Step 5: All the recovered files will be shown, select a location to restore them



For Mac

  • Step 1: Run the software and click Recover Photo, Audio & Video

  • Step 2: Select your drive or external media from drive list, Click on Scan Now

  • Step 3: Application start searching for the all the lost files.

  • Step 4: In order to recover those files click on Recover button